data management

Many organizations invest in data collection, but few unlock the full value and potential of data driven insights.  Taking a reactive approach to data management may leave your organization with lost assets, and worse, liability for leaked or stolen information. If your organization has invested or has plans to invest in aerial or terrestrial data collection, consider that effective data management and visualization tools will provide you with more than just photos and files; your team will have access to actionable, collaborative intelligence. 

The value proposition provided by the Catalyst data management team is twofold; data is organized in a secure location, with protocols created for safe data handling and maximized efficiency, while visual data is processed and uploaded into an agile, collaborative  technology platform where applications, which include annotations, measurements exportable reports and AI integrations, will transform your data into dynamic project tools. Click the link, below, to see how Catalyst technology partner Optelos has created a dashboard driven, user-friendly data environment that your information assets will be proud to call their home.

Catalyst Data Management Experience

The Catalyst team has provided data management and visualization services for enterprise clients and large public agencies including:

  • LA Metro
  • Metrolink
  • Hulu
  • Burbank Airport
  • Accenture

Case Study