Adding the Upsell to Your RFP Proposal

Being an innovator and a salesperson, I have explored the opportunities to upsell in the RFP proposals. That’s not to say that upselling doesn’t occur in the negotiation phase but including a well-designed upsell pitch in the proposal can establish your team’s competency and specialized expertise, earning pivotal points towards a contract win. This strategy can also provide the opportunity to make additional sales and protect your price position, if negotiations lean...

Aerial Asset Inspection

Data Collection: Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityRooftop MFThermal Inspection - Rooftop MFThe data below was collected as part of a Catalyst facility inspection project. The images were refined and then uploaded into the Optelos platform. Data management and visualization tools, as well as AI capabilities created via the Catalyst/Optelos partnership are detailed in the linked presentation, below.