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Consulting services are an integral element in the development of a technology solution; establishing clear protocols and procedures for solution implementation and operation will improve safety, reduce liability, and increase efficiency. Catalyst offers consulting services as a stand-alone service in order to provide sound guidance regarding UAV operations, IT system design and data management services.

Shay Roehm

Solution Design Director


The first step to creating a new technology solution starts with a clear understanding of a client’s current operations. In order to evaluate available efficiencies, we take the time to understand each client’s long-term technology goals. Every business is unique; leadership may have varied levels technical comfort and adoption. We truly understand that new technology integrations aimed at creating efficiency, security and/or project intelligence must be balanced with a clear value proposition. The Catalyst team will provide the guidance and expertise to implement structure for the smooth integration of new technology, whether your needs include drone mission protocols, procedures and operations, data management and visualization services or new IT system integrations.


“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets good planning.”

Thomas Edison

In order to produce actionable, collaborative data from a new technology solution, proper project planning is essential. The Catalyst team will provide valuable insight regarding establishing new protocols and procedures for new sensor integrations and intelligence in the design of data and IT system solutions.


Once evaluation and planning phases are complete, Catalyst project management services provide the way-points for successful implementation of new technology programs, products and services. With over 35 years of combined technology management skills, the Catalyst team will provide the on-going oversight of new implementation of products, systems and projects, in order to meet the goals established in the earlier planning phases.


The pride that comes from delivery of the technology solution promised is true nerd bliss, and is the driving force for all project phases and services provided by the Catalyst team. Your time, your trust and your investment in our process and services will be answered with the delivery of solutions that exceed the expectations set at the very start of our relationship.