Drones are in the news consistently due to the ever-advancing delivery potential and search and rescue efforts to identify bad guys and missing children, but the potential for efficiency and safety for public utilities and energy companies must have a day in the headlines as well. Here are some current and evolving uses of drones and sensors in these industries:

  1. Inspection of transmission and distribution lines for issues, including leaning, sagging lines, broken insulators and corrosion
  2. Visual simulations of tower heights for re-development use cases
  3. Substation equipment inspections
  4. Vegetation management at assets and on right of ways
  5. Survey-grade precision mapping of power lines, gas and water systems, dams, solar farms and wind turbines
  6. Gas pipeline inspection, visualization (of above and underground assets
  7. Hydroelectric dam inspections
  8. Reservoir monitoring, including water level trends
  9. Assessing and monitoring risk from terrorism, vandalism and/or theft, including damaged or missing security gates, lighting, cameras or fencing
  10. Remediation site survey and monitoring